Devilishmind II

aka Devil

  • I am male
  • Devilishmind II


    Devil as Devilishmind, Duke of Teslamania and Prince of ERB Wikia after the king is murdered

    Meatholl as Meathollrick, Devil's ally

    Dragon as Dragonbloody, Devil's friend

    There have been many liars in history: Hitler, Cleopatra, Edward.

    But the worst one there is: Sir Conudctor, He believed he defeat King Ynkr and took over the kingdom of ERB Wikia. But the truth is revealed in the story called:

    Starring: Devil, Meatholl, Dragon, Ynkrdlevin, Tesla Man, Nighthawk.

    Act 1: The feast before the battle of ERB Wikia, Everyone is eating untill Tes (Played by Tesla Man) arises.

    Tes: SILENCE! For the king wishes to speak

    King Ynkr (played by Ynkrdlevin) prepares to speak.

    King Ynkr: Before I set to battle against this trolling bastard known as Mr.Condu…

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